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Used Car Value Promise Warranty & Exchange Details

Powertrain Warranty & Exchange Period Details

Exchange Period:

  • Vehicle must be returned in the same condition (inclusive of extras) in which it was delivered, and be free from physical or rodent damage (exterior or interior) or excessive wear & tear. All keys must be returned.
  • Vehicles in original condition may be exchanged for another vehicle from Carter Honda’s pre-owned inventory within 5 days / 500kms of original delivery date* (Whichever occurs first). Any difference in precise between vehicles, add-ons, extended warranties, financing costs, taxes, etc., to be borne by the purchaser
  • Exchange program applies to original purchase only and is not applicable to replacement vehicle.
  • Vehicle exchange does not apply to new vehicles.

Powertrain Warranty:

  • With every pre-owned retail vehicle purchase, receive up to 50 days/5000kms* (whichever occurs first) of powertrain warranty for your peace of mind (or balance of factory warranty, whichever is greater), limited to defects in materials and workmanship only. Items which fail as a result of physical or rodent damage, neglect or any other circumstance are excluded - i.e normal wear & tear; leaks/seals/gasket not associated with the failure of an internally lubricated powertrain part; CV joint failure due to loss of lubricant due to external damage; clutch; causes associated with jump-starting; etc.

All repairs must be pre-authorized by Carter Honda’s Sales Management. Vehicle must be brought to Carter Honda or an authorized repair facility in advance by Sales Management only. Failure to abide by the foregoing will render this warranty null and void.

Powertrain Coverage Details:


Cylinder Block & all Internal Lubricated Parts                                                    
Cylinder Heads & all Internal Lubricated Parts                                                                      
Engine Mounts                                                                                                                               
Intake & Exhaust Manifolds                                                                                                        
Oil Pan (If Damaged by the Failure of an Internal Lubricated Part)                                  
Oil Pump                                                                                                                                         
Timing Belt/Chain, Balancer Belt & Tensioner                                                                    
Valve Train & Valve Cover (If Damaged by the Failure                                                       
of an Internal Lubricated Part)                                     


CV Joints
Differential Case & All Internal Lubricated Parts
Final Drive Housing & All Internal Lubricated Parts
Torque Converter on Automatic Transmission
Transmission Assembly and All Internal Lubricated Parts
Transmission Mounts
Rear Differential Assembly
Rear Differential Mounts
Rear Differential Propeller Shaft & Centre Bearing 

4-Wheel Drive System:

4-Wheel Drive Dual Pump Assembly
4-Wheel Drive Transfer Case & All Internal Lubricated Parts
Propeller Shaft U-Joints                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Warranty Coverage Exclusions:

Normal wear and tear items including, but not limited to: throttle body, batteries, battery cables, zippers, windshield wiper arms, headlamp, tail lamp and projection lamp assemblies, circuit breakers, cup holders, ashtrays, dash pads, seat frames, convertible tops, inside and outside door handles and hinges, shock absorbers, MacPherson strut assembly (including upper mount and bearings), pipes / hoses / lines / rubber brake hoses (except power-steering pressure hose, steel air conditioning lines, and steel brake lines), bolts, nuts, fasteners, standard transmission clutch assembly, manual clutch disc / pressure plate and bushings / bearings, manual and hydraulic linkages, secondary ignition components, safety restraint systems (including air bags and air bag igniters), glass (including mirror assemblies and heated windshields), lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, fuses, cellular phones / hands-free units, night vision, brake rotors and drums, exhaust and emission systems, catalytic converter, weather strips, run channels, trim, mouldings, bright metal, chrome, upholstery and carpet, paint, outside ornamentation, bumpers, body sheet metal and panels, frame and structural body parts, tires, wheels and rims, wheel alignment, wind noise, squeaks and rattles, lost keys, lost headset units or water leaks, electronic sensors, modules and on board computers.