Product Protection

Platinum Theft Protection
Theft Can occur in underground parking and on the street. This coverage helps deter first with visual warning from decals on the windows. There are also 6 major Panels branded with the traceable identification code that are registered in a national data base system. You are covered both if the vehicle is stolen and recovered up to $2000 of your deductible or $13,500 if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered.tire
Tire and Rim Protection
One of the most common occurences are unexpected damage caused by road hazards like potholes, construction, nails, debris etc. Coverage includes flat tire repair and or replacement as well as the rim if not holding air, all related taxes included with 0 deductible to you. Available on New and Pre-Owned vehicles and when purchased at Carter Honda we will include
Comprehensive Warranty
All three of our providers offer protection for comprehensive coverage on New and Pre-Owned Vehicles. Plans come with 24 hour roadside assistance valid in Canada and the USA. L.G.M & FCPP have coverage’s available for selected vehicle’s that offer a guaranteed price refund if no claims are made. Extra Peace of mind is provided to avoid paying for unexpected mechanical repairs.

Banking Center

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Protecting your new or nearly new vehicle is important to prolong the life of the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Paint protection helps to reduce the cost and time to wax your vehicle and prevent against fading and discoloration. Undercoat helps to protect against the pollutants and salt on our roads and also reduces the road noise as it helps to insulate the vehicle. Interior protection helps to avoid stains and spills and maintains the suppleness of the leather.