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fast lease approvals in vancouver

Did you know the fastest and most efficient way to improve your current relationship with future lenders in Vancouver is to rebuild your credit with a car loan? It’s worth noting that checking and verifying your credit is an easy process and free of charge. The two major credit reporting agencies in Canada are Equifax Canada and the TransUnion of Canada.

In many cases, potential borrowers can feel overwhelmed by their present circumstances – unfortunately, where they fail to realize any possibility of turning it around. That is to say; our customers are often surprised just how quick and easy it can be to reverse a bad financial situation. We work closely with all our customers to provide the historical insights and financial resources to which prove to be of great benefit when isolating the reasoning behind their current credit score.

We educate all our customers based on the information received from their credit history reports, in addition to providing individual guidance to a tailored strategy of credit improvement:

  • Late payments and missed payments
  • Debt utilization ratios
  • Reporting errors and fraudulent activity
  • Payment catch up
  • Paying down debt
  • Practicing favourable financial habits

As with any loan application, your credit score will play an integral role with regards to the amount of loan on offer, but just as importantly, you should never take out a vehicle loan which you may have any trouble to repay in the future. Our trained credit specialists work alongside numerous financial institutions to provide you with the most favourable terms and re-payment options – best suited to your individual circumstances!

Managing car loan repayments

When you first opt for a vehicle subprime loan, it is often the case that you are required to accept often-stern terms along with a higher rate of interest. At Carter Honda in Vancouver we ensure all loan repayments are manageable and acceptable to all our customers.

It’s important to remember that with car and truck loan repayments – they must be paid on time… each and every time! Having a proven track record is essential for credit purchases. Additionally, being on time with repayments is proven to be of great benefit when it comes to rebuilding credit with a vehicle loan.

Repaying the monthly installments on time (every time) will often result in a lowered rate of interest within a 10 month period. While it may take some time to rebuild your credit rating, it should be noted that rebuilding credit with a car loan is certainly one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve the desired outcome.

We’re committed to helping you drive the vehicle you want, the vehicle you deserve!

Our trained credit specialists work alongside numerous financial institutions to provide you with the most favourable terms and re-payment options – best suited to your circumstances! Learn more about our Fast Approvals and 99% Acceptance Rates (no matter your current credit status!) or complete our quick and easy credit application today!

Questions? Great! We’ve got answers! To learn more about our ‘easy car loan application process’ and ‘tailored credit services’ (including our credit re-building program), please call us directly to speak with one of our friendly, credit specialists (no obligation) at: (604) 256-1359