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Lwasing Information

We offer flexible terms from 24-60 month leases with Standard mileage at 24,000km per year. There are weekly, biweekly and monthly payment plans to customize what suits you the best.

Leasing allows you to pay the taxes on a monthly basis vs the full vehicle price upfront with having a more affordable payment. The benefit of our Closed End Leases to you is the protection against any surprise costs at the end of the lease regarding the value changing due to depreciation, market changes or unforeseen accidents. As you are responsible for wear and tear charges there is coverage available, LEASE GUARD which allows you To walk away at the end of your lease if there is damage such as scratches, dents,Tires worn, windshield cracks, etc. Ask us for further information

The lease end process will allow you the option of buying your vehicle for the set residual at the end of your term, returning the vehicle or getting in to a new vehicle.

If you are currently leasing or financing a vehicle through Honda Canada Finance you may be eligible for a 1% loyalty reduction towards a finance or lease on a new Honda. Ask us for details.