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We understand how frustrating it is to encounter any problem with your vehicle. Whether you have a collision, vandalism or glass replacement claim, we are here to help you navigate through the confusing process of getting your vehicle returned to the condition it was before the incident. This is a no charge service that we offer at Carter Honda.

  • We will save you time and effort by coordinating your vehicle’s repairs for you.
  • Your vehicle’s collision damage will be repaired at an ICBC c.a.r. shop accredited facility. c.a.r. shop facilities do repairs that are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. They must meet ICBCs high standards for workmanship, customer service, professionalism and facilities..
  • We will arrange alternate transportation with a replacement vehicle if it is required while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • We will ensure that quality repairs are completed on your vehicle to ensure that it is returned to our industry standards. This is critical to ensure that there will be no future concerns in regards to your warranty coverage or un-necessary re-conditioning costs due to sub-standard repairs when returning a leased vehicle at the end of your term.

Aftermarket parts may be sufficient for insurance companies because they cost less, but it may compromise the fit, finish and overall performance of your Honda.

Carter Honda will help ensure that Genuine Honda parts are used whenever possible. We participate in the Honda collision advantage program allowing us to typically install Genuine Honda collision parts on your vehicle even if your insurance company mandates the use of aftermarket parts. We are able to do this at no additional cost to you or your insurance company. Call or email for details.